The Billion Bee Project

Sebastian Wright has two goals: to save as many bees as he can, and to get others to do the same.

Wright, 12, has spent the last three years installing and tending beehives in Milton, Mass., his hometown. So far, he has launched 13 hives, each with about 60,000 bees, according to an article by Bret Hauff in The Boston Globe.

Wright, co-founder of the Billion Backyard Bee Project, says his plan is to set up 20 hives and sell the honey that the bees produce as a way of defraying his costs, notes the article. He recently placed two hives with the nearby activity-oriented New England Base Camp so that kids who attend can get first-hand knowledge of bees and the dangers they face from Colony Collapse Disorder.

Wright began to get serious about his project after his first hive failed three years ago, the article says, adding that part of Wright’s program is trying to discourage the use of pesticides. Many beekeepers contend that pesticides used by the agricultural industry are one of the major contributors to the dramatic decrease in our bee population over the past 10 years, although other factors – such as parasites, fungi, mites and climate change – are also seen as adding to the decline.

To find photos and more information about Wright’s project, visit

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