Bee Pledge of Allegiance

2016-09-30 EY Connect Day PR (5).jpg2016-09-30 EY Connect Day PR (24)(1).jpg

Two months ago we wrote about an initiative launched by the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Calif., to create 3,600 square feet of bee habitat where kids and their families could observe the lives of honeybees and other pollinators.

This update came in yesterday from Patricia Narciso, the Museum’s director of development and marketing:

“During EY Connect Day at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, 50 employee volunteers from EY (formerly Ernst & Young) helped 57 fourth graders from a nearby school to create art installations using natural and recycled materials. Everyone learned an original Bee Pledge from our environmental educator, Biret Adden:

‘Bees bring us flowers (hands “bloom’ like a flower)
Bees make our lunch (hands in front)
I pledge to protect them  (right hand over heart)
and love them a bunch! (left hand crosses over right)’

With the goal of educating the next generation of environmental stewards, adults and kids worked together to craft bee artwork from recycled cans, build bee baths from upcycled bakeware, and learn from Children’s Discovery Museum environmental educators about risks to favorite foods due to dwindling bee populations. The artwork inspires awareness about bee conservation and the environmental education space under construction at Children’s Discovery Museum.”

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